Life is movement,

movement is Life

Leonardo da Vinci


That we move and how we move directly influences our overall health, happiness, and independence. We all notice how we feel after a week of hard work sitting behind our desk, a few days sick in bed or just a long lazy Netflix weekend. Stiffness, fatigue, and a fuzzy head will be just a few of your cozy fellows.

Being active

Being active is essential to staying healthy. That is why many of us engage in their form of exercise. Ultimately, regular exercises and activities we do now can keep us from suffering from some of the mobility-related problems that typically come with aging. In fact, nothing in nature stays young forever.

The spine

The spine, like any weight-bearing bone in the body, is subject to change due to strain and aging. This is nothing but a natural process. The body and the way it functions is affected over the years by various factors such as physical activity, changes in metabolism, occupational and leisure activities and posture when standing, walking and sitting.

Being and remaining healthy

Our physical mobility affects not only our brain, fitness, sexuality and work, but also our well-being and happiness. Growing up and aging well depends on long-term mobility. It is achieved by being aware of what movement and posture mean to us and through breaking with patterns of (incorrect) movement that leave us vulnerable to pain or even injury. Therapeutic massage can help you and your body in this process.


Everyone and every body is unique and that is what is paramount in my practice; the right treatment for every person.